trying to run old Red Hat version in KVM, failed.

Some days ago I felt some nostalgic feelings and I tried to install a red hat 6.2 version into a fedora 14 host.

The installation was painfully slow, but it was completed successfully anyway. The problem is that after booting the new (not really) redhat 6..2, I got a kernel panic with the following message:

Kernel panic: Kernel compiled for Pentium+, requires TSC”

after googling that, I found that one of the solutions would be recompile the old linux kernel with the option “Unsynced TSC support”, I’m to lazy to do that just for fun, I would do it if I have no choice, but I have some doubts, why the kernel in the installation cd is not failing? and, is it because my computer has an AMD processor?

4 thoughts on “trying to run old Red Hat version in KVM, failed.

  1. Thank you! changing the emulator from kvm to qemu, without any special argument, fixed this issue. Now I’m struggling with IRQ stuff, but seems to be a lot of things to try.. I will keep you updated.

  2. I recently installed FC4 on a VM, and I thought that was a blast from the past.

    Now you are going to make me try to find my old RH6 CDs (or was it floppies?)

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