Solución: Mic. roto en Acer 1410

Thanks to Mathieu Bouffard, he helped me to to workaround the issue with my mic in Acer Aspire One 1410.


Somehow the ALSA driver is trying to pass to PulseAudio an stereo output that PulseAudio doesn’t understand.


Use jackd as a “proxy” between ALSA and PulseAudio, jackd will capture the input in mono from the ALSA driver, and pass it to PulseAudio.

Download his module for PulseAudio:

Configure PulseAudio to no auto respawn when killed.

Create a file in our home directory ~/

Create the config file for ALSA: ~/.asoundrc

and last but not least, create a mini-script to launch PulseAudio using this configuration. I called it ~/pulsejack:

We run our script:

A patch was submitted to the alsa devel team to fix this problem at ALSA level.

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