Review: Netflix in Argentina

Today is the first day of  Netflix in Argentina, the subscription is easy, you have to give them your credit card information (ouch!) and you will get a free subscription for one month. At the second month they will charge it directly to your credit card without asking.

As a first look, some things are missing, like Linux support (-5 points in my personal scale). And subtitles, you only can watch a movie in spanish, portuguese or english but with no subtitles (-2). But a good point is that there is a lot of movies or series to watch. (+2).

That is what I could look so far… Maybe watching a movie I could find more things to complain. 😛

Edit: While using full screen on Firefox, movie freezes

One thought on “Review: Netflix in Argentina

  1. La otra contra es que no tienen casi nada de material reciente.
    estamos a mitad de Octubre y no hay prácticamente ningún título del 2011 en todo el catálogo. Asi no van a poder competir nunca cosas como la porquería de cuevana.

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