CISL 2011: we were there

Yesterday, September 9th, we were present in the CISL (Free Software International Conference). Our presentation was shorter than we had planned because the previous speaker didn’t finish on time but fortunately we had enough time to cover all the important points.

It was Rino’s first event as a Fedora speaker and he did a great job! He also enjoyed it a lot!! Welcome Rino!!

After our presentation we met Hernán Vivani, one of our Fedora’s  SA, and Claudio Pereyra Díaz, one of our translators . Hernán told us about the presentation he had given the day before. It was about how he switched a small national company from  proprietary to free software

We also had some time before Richard Stallman’s presentation to give LiveCDs and answer questions to the participants.

You can download the presentation here.

Some pics:

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