Flisol 2014

Yesterday, April 26th, we attended the FLISOL 2014. I am proud to say that Fedora rocked this year!
For the first time, we had our own stand and a lot of people came to discuss and install Fedora.
This year we were able to make more Marketing work (banner,DVDs,shirts) and that showed a very good presence in the event.
I also want to thank two great Fedora contributors (ezq and valentin) who came from their provinces to contribute to this event.

Some pictures of the event:

Fedora Argentina will be attending the FLISOL 2014

On Saturday April 26th from 10 to 18 we will be attending the FLISOL 2014 in UTN Medrano.
This year we will be hosting the following talks:
– Fedora and the community around it
– Virtualization
– Playing with Pidora
Moreover, for the very first time on this event, we will have a special stand where we will be helping people to install Fedora.
If you are near Buenos Aires, don’t miss this chance!

ERROR: Invalid OpenStack Nova credentials.

I faced a problem while trying to configure OpenStack on Fedora 19 following this guide

Checking my .keystorerc file it looked good.

The solution was to make sure that the user, role and tenant are associated.
1. Get the ID from the admin user:

2. Get the tenant admin id, if not there, create it:

3. Get the role id:

Associate them all together.

After this, the credentials error disappeared. However, I faced a new error message saying that Nova wasn’t able to sign the token.

I’ve finally installed OpenStack trough RDO. This method is simpler.

CISL 2013

Last week we attended the CISL 2013 event. I gave a talk about Virtualization and was very impressed by how interactive and participative it was. A lot of people have experience with this topic nowadays and it is nice to share experiences.

These are some of the pictures that we took:

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