Becoming a Fedora packager.

Hi! I’m back in the blogging world after some time. As you may or may not know, I have been participating in the Fedora Project for a while as an Ambassador for Argentina. I’ve also been involved in FreeMedia, Marketing and Social Media.
As I have been using Red Hat based distributions since I was a kid and Fedora for the last few years, I decided to start getting into the engineering process of Fedora and become a packager.
On January, I started to package vert.x (BZ #894119) but since this project has some legal problems I didn’t continue with the review process.
Last week, looking for a way to open my keepass database in a console, I found a 3k lines perl script called kpcli that did exactly what I needed. (keepass is a GUI tool that lets you store passwords safety into an encrypted database). I created a kpcli spec file (BZ #1002324) and went to all the steps in the packaging process. I’m waiting for a sponsor to approve me as a packager in order to push it into the repositories.
I also packaged 2 required dependencies for its package, perl-Term-ShellUI (BZ #1002319) and perl-File-KeePass (BZ #1002321).